Tagoo - Innovation of traditional symbol

Categories  UI/ Graphic design

Scope Long term design                                                                     Tool  Sketch, Invision, PS, AI

Tagoo - Traditional pattern innovation for tattoo lovers



I am a designer and traditional culture enthusiast, and I want to design and transfer traditional culture into a modern context. Three years ago, I started learning and researching Chinese culture, which is also my national heritage. I learned quite a bit through interviewing traditional artists and learning to make and draw the traditional art. Using my professional design knowledge, combined with traditional Chinese culture art, I created these tattoo designs.


Design Inspiration

I have been learning traditional Chinese New Year painting for many years. In my learning process, I found there are lots of symbols in traditional painting to express specific meanings. For example, the peach, in traditional culture, means health and longevity. Interested in these symbols, I started to study and collect all the symbols in traditional Chinese New Year paintings, with the ultimate goal of classifying and redesigning them. I combined them together using our blessing words (all words about best wishes).


Temporary tattoo

These patterns all have their own style. Each tattoo sticker will include several different patterns. If you like Chinese traditional culture patterns, this is a good time for you to pledge! I will give you a temporary tattoo, accompanied with a description, so you can know the meaning behind the pattern.