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SpART - Exhibition - UX

SpART - Spark Art Opinions

Categories  UX Duration  From Dec 2018 to Present        Tool  Sketch, Framer, Principle, PS  

Advisor Angela Chen, Eric Forman, Katie Lee

My Role  This is my graduate thesis project, and I designed the product by myself.



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Recap a contemporary art exhibit experience

When you are in a contemporary exhibition and passed by a giant three meters high painting with pure black background. What may you think?

  • Why is it so black?

  • Why does this belong in a museum?

  • What does it even mean?

  • Give me a brush, I can do it!


Existing contemporary art exhibition problem

  1. Inconvenient Labels - Visitors cannot read the wall labels conveniently.

  2. Long and Academic Label Content

  3. Rigid Audio Guide

  4. Limit Guide Resource

  5. No extended experience

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SpART is an app that helps museum visitors better understand contemporary art exhibitions.

This virtual guide leads visitors through exhibition spaces and explains the context of each piece. It demystifies contemporary art through an inter-personal, conversational experience that quickly shows the nuance and meanings behind artists’ choices. It also fosters conversations between museum visitors. People use SpART to have informed, meaningful visits to art museums and to engage in an enjoyable and informative exchange about art, its meanings, and how it relates to our everyday lives and personal experiences.




1. Say Hi 

First choose the exhibition, then choose the virtual guide.


2. Interpretation of Artwork


3. Guide Visitors to Next


4. Express the Opinion of Virtual Guide’s Question


5. Overview All Artworks


6. Conversation with Other Visitors


Design Process

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  1. Ideation


2. Research

WHO - Already using NYT mobile app

WHEN - Daily routine, short period of time ( eating time, chat, break time)

WHERE - On transit

USER BEHAVIOR - Create empathy feeling towards reporting process that can be difficult and complex.


Design Iteration

Live video user flow ( click into big)

Live video and screen comments idea are our initial design. The idea is an app platform for reporters which they can use it to live show when they go to field report. At the same time, the readers can ask them real-time questions according to field report and interests. But when we showed the live video concept to our teachers and classmates. We got some feedback.

  • The process of getting research material for reporters, do they have time to do extra work?

  • With this fun and millennial approach, we might lose people who have trusted NYT. ( Not match the NYT branding )

  • Showcase? More like another way to show the news.