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Lantao Vi System

Lantao VI System

Scope  4 weeks                                                      Categories  Graphic Design, Branding

Tool  Adobe creative suites                                    Client  Lantao design academy

Role  Graphic design work for Maxoffice design studio, cooperate with my colleagues to come up proposals. This is my design proposal for Lantao.

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Project Info

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Lantao Business

Memory, Locals, Market, Development, Society, Mobility, Innovation, Cities, Production, Economy, Perspective, Leadership, Intensive, Form ...

Lantao Culture

Platform, Journey, Exchange, Multiply, Limits, Critics, Collaboration, Learning, Fun, Change, Connection, Display, Research, Vision ... LanTao is the first commercial design school in China, I design whole VI system for them to improve their reputation and identity. 

LanTao VI should be Systematic, Dynamic, Friendly, Open and Real-time Formed. It can manage all academy contents, promote them via multimedia and communicate the brand philosophy.


Web Design

We designed web structure for Lantao. First hierarchy is homepage, academy, education, lab; second hierarchy is specific content of each part. Third is web payment and register system. 

Information Architecture