Diabeatit - For Eating Habit


Categories User research, UX/ UI

Scope 12 Weeks                                                                     

Advisors Roger Mader (Ampersand), Criswell Lappin (Scrollmotion)

Tool  Sketch, Invision, PS, Protopie     

My Role Cooperated with teammates to interview with doctors, patients, and family. Prototype ideation, concept testing, UX and UI design.

Teammates  Crystal Wang, Kate Styer, Mia Darling Ibanez Risso

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How Might We Nudge Millennials with Type 2 Diabetes Towards Better Eating Habits?


For this project, we collaborated with Doblin Innovation to tackle the growing public health crisis of Type 2 Diabetes in the United States. We aim to help millennials avoid T2D while assisting t2d patients to change their eating habits in their daily life.

Work progress

Work progress

Research Process

Desk research

why this is matter?

How many people need this kind of products?

Research synthesis: we post and category our research on the white board. And we use the different color to indicate importance.

Research synthesis: we post and category our research on the white board. And we use the different color to indicate importance.

Stakeholders interview - We reached out 9 people to interview, T2D patients, families, doctors, nurses.

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Major Takeaway

  • Food is Important and Contextual

  • The Patient Knows Best

  • Mindset Matters

  • “Diabetes Police” and Alienation Single Function

How Might We...

  • Nudge people towards sustainable, healthier eating habits? Empower patients in their treatment plans?

  • Make patients grasp the gravity of the long term risks?

  • Equip family and friends to support the patient better?

  • Harness technology to optimize our program?

5E Module Analysis


Diabeatit is an Instagram-based food challenge and a functional app that taps into behavioral economics to challenge the way you eat, offering social capital and healthy snack reward boxes. 

Instagram Challenge

  • Target users will use Instagram to train and develop good eating habits. 

  • Participants will compete in topic food challenges by uploading photos and recipes.

  • We will select our winners by healthiness, popularity, and presentation

  • Participants will be incentivized by social capital and through tangible reward boxes.


Why Instagram?

We decided to pick Instagram because we wanted to attract the existing millennials on Instagram. And this is good and easy access for our users to participant in the competition. Today, 59% of millennials use Instagram, and 63% of them post food photos on social media.

Please visit us on Instagram @_diabeatit_ to see our account! We have already launched two food challenges via Instagram. And we accept over 100 posts from all over the world in one week. Moreover, we gained 200 followers since we created the account.


Diabeatit app

Diabeatit is an app which can make our users more engaged. Once they get used to Instagram challenges, they will want to get together and know more information from one place. The app has three functions. First, it evaluates healthiness of meal. Second, it checks recipes from other participants. Third, it finds community and communicate with other T2D people. 


Ideation Sketch

How it work?

1. Our users can create an account or use their Instagram account to log in. 





2. The evaluate function: user can take a food photo and input the gradients details. Then the app can help user to calculate how healthiness the food is. This function help T2D people to know which kind of food are healthy and nutritious.




 3. Recipe: Users can search a lot of recipes from this function. All recipes are from different T2D community people.





4. Community: this is a user community, and they can share, comment, and communication with each other.





 5. The food challenge: user can check all T2D friendly recipes on app, and the recipe will give them specific information to guide them cook. 






Wireframe (click toward detail)

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Desktop HD Copy 4.jpg

Benefits of Diabeatit

First compete winner with reward box

First compete winner with reward box

Reward Box

Our reward box acts as a tangible incentive to keep users engaged in our competition. And we can cooperate with snack companies in the future. And this reward box can promote our users eating habit too, because the the food of box are extremely healthy.

Business Plan and next

One of the main selling points is that our projects can grow organically without funding. Like many social media influencers, we'd like to start our MVP with just using Instagram and some relationship with a few key influencers already on social media. 

There is a four-phased approach to building our business.

  • 2nd phase: We want to add extra features such as guest chefs and in-house dietitians.

  • 3rd phase: We will also start to leverage our users to get brand partners such as Whole Foods, Kraft, or Nestle to start providing sponsored prizes.

  • 4th phase: We can also provide analytics to healthcare companies who are interested in our demographic. Because Diabeatit can gather T2D young people, so in the future, we will collect user data to do more potential products and analysis of T2D patients.