About Me


I'm a designer based in NYC and Beijing. Currently pursuing graduate studies in School of Visual Arts MFA Interaction Design. Previously worked as graphic designer, and I joined Ogilvy Beijing, Max Office Beijing; Freelance clients across academy, government, retail, artists, designers. Last summer, I had experience with UX design in Alibaba which is the biggest e-commerce platform in China, and my primary responsibility is UX design for customers engagement and increment.

I am a highly-motivated multi-disciplinary designer who merges creativity with positive social impact. I use design to ask questions and challenge stereotypes and explore opportunities. Moreover, I have a particular interest in exploring new possibilities in future scenarios and proposing open social questions with hypothetical alternatives.

Grown in Beijing, China, I am currently based in New York. I hold a BFA in communication design from the China Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing.

In addition to being a designer, I am also an illustrator, artist, museum enthusiast. Moreover, I am interested in traditional culture innovation, technology design, and social impact design.